They did warn us.

You get a message from a friend: “Hey, didn’t know you were using those adult diapers! Great choice!” It turns out your picture is attached to an ad going out to thousands of people—and you didn’t know a thing about it.

You’re mortified to discover that Google + simply culled your likeness and tied it to the ad. It’s part of what’s called “Shared Endorsements.” Google has done something similar in the past with its “+1” program but now it has expanded the program, adding pictures and quotes from you to an ad even if all you did was follow that store or service.

Google did warn users about the coming change in the company’s terms of service about a month ago, and this week it finally made good on the promise. If you follow a store or coffee company, your image and ungrammatical words, could appear under an ad for the company displayed to tens of thousands of people.

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