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  • NSSF RESPONDING TO ATF PROPOSED RULE ON GUNS LOST IN SHIPPING . . . The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is requesting comments on aproposed rule change to require federally licensed firearms retailers (FFLs) to notify ATF and local law enforcement when guns they ship become lost in transit. This rule change was first proposed in 2000. NSSF opposed it then and opposes it now. ATF lacks statutory authority to impose this requirement since Congress only mandated reporting of lost or stolen guns when “in inventory” of the FFL. It makes little practical sense to impose this burden on the shipping FFL since the receiving FFL is in better position to know that a firearm ordered was not received. NSSF Senior Vice President and General Counsel Larry Keane explained the industry’s position to CNN Money. NSSF is responding to the proposed rule change on behalf of the industry and urges individual members to do the same. Instructions can be found at the end of the Federal Register posting of the new proposed rule. NSSF will continue to keep you informed.


  • NSSF CAUTIONS ON CALIF. DEPT OF FISH & WILDLIFE OUTREACH . . .NSSF is urging California retailers not to respond to California Department of Fish and Wildlife requests to discuss availability of non-lead alternative ammunition for hunting. NSSF is finalizing a study that includes analysis of alternative ammunition supplies, the impact of increased demand and economic impact of implementingAB 711, which bans the use of lead ammunition for hunting. The results will be presented at the Fish and Game Commission meeting on Sept. 17. NSSF has serious concerns about the apparent conflict of interest of Fish and Game Commission President Michael Sutton, delivering a formal letter asking that he remove himself from involvement in the drafting of regulations to implement AB 711, as well as any other issue related to lead ammunition because he is Executive Director of Audubon California and Vice President of Pacific Flyway.


  • SUPPRESSORS FOR HUNTING IN FLORIDA GET NSSF STRONG SUPPORT . . . As many other states have done, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) is considering adopting regulations to allow the use of suppressors in hunting, a proposal strongly supported by the NSSF in a letter sent to the commission last week. NSSF has long supported efforts to promote the use of these hearing-saving devices. Read the NSSF Florida letter. You can learn more about the issue of suppressor use in NSSF Fast Facts, Benefits of Using Suppressors for Hunting and Shooting.


  • VISIT GUNVOTE FOR 2014 ELECTION INFORMATION . . .With November’s local, state and federal elections fast approaching, NSSF would like to remind all its members and the shooting public about our GUNVOTE initiative. Simply go tonssf.org/gunvote for up-to-date news on political races important to our gun rights. You’ll also find RSS feeds to Senate, House and Governor races, as well as links for voter registration, absentee voting information, polling places in your area and more. We also encourage all our members to download the free GUNVOTE button for use on websites, blogs and marketing materials. Don’t Risk Your Rights-Get out the GUNVOTE.


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